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Stabilo Boss highlighter

Stabilo Boss highlighter pens
An assortment of Stabilo Boss highlighter pens

I remember this highlighter from when I was a boy rummaging around my father’s study. I was struck with its shape and styling. It looked futuristic in an era when the thought of exploring space still excited people. I have used plenty of others over the years, but this is still my preferred choice. While others betray their cheap manufacture in use, this has always given a sense of humble luxury. The inks are always consistent and vibrant, and the build quality solid and dependable. No matter how you hold it, its modest shape fits comfortably in your hand feeling part of it, instead of something you make a conscious effort to grip. It is weighted just right as well, giving an effortless control which lends itself to accuracy. It isn’t too large or too small, so it packs away easily without taking up too much space. It doesn’t roll off the table either, instead lying flat and staying exactly where you left it.